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Alpha Pump specialise in pumping concrete. We use this method to place concrete to places that are hard to reach or that have awkward access. 

fast drying cement based screed
Preparation and underfloor heating installed by us
We make Pumping concrete fast, efficient and safe. 
Pumping concrete has many advantages such as: 
Less labour costs 
Less mess and easier to clean up 
Place concrete at a much faster rate (allowing it to be laid with ease) 
Reach places that are hard and awkward 
Save on "standing charges" for material 
Who do we work for? 
Private individuals 
Home owners 
What we need from you? 
You will need to order and pay for your own concrete (unless you want us to do so).  
We will require a contact name and number of your supplier. 
You need to ensure that there is sufficient space for us to park our pump. 
You need to provide us with one bag of standard cement so we are able to prime our pipe work 
You should make sure that you have some where to dispose of any waste 
i.e surplus concrete and washout waste from the pump. 
Be able to pay for our services before we leave site. 
How far can we pump? 
We can pump up to 100m+ and upto 20m in height. 
We can pump a maximum of 20m3 p/hour. 
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